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Pet goats and/or miniature bred goats for sale.

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Lotties baby goat kids playing in a garden cart.

Kids born in July out of Dotau and by Willie

We are unlikely to have any speckled does for sale this year.

We have kids for sale born in the 2014 season. The does are due to kid from early July onwards. Some of the kids are already spoken for.

Kids will be available from 4 weeks of age. They will be on a bucket (or bottle if you would prefer), NLIS tagged, disbudded and vaccinated with 5-in-1.

Price for most kids will be from $100 - $265 for doe kids and $80 - $265 for wether kids and buck kids. The more spotted or speckled they get, the more they cost.

Email if you are interested in any of the goats.

We occassionally have mini milkers for sale. They are normally saanen X miniature, and some of them stay fairly small. Contact me if you are interested.


Dotty Spot's baby doe kid meeting Amy the deer fawn.

Dotty Spots July doe kid saying hello to Amy the deer. We are retaining this kid for our own use.

Pies 2013 buck kid sired by Wille

This is Pie's 2013 buck kid enjoying the sun. His sire is Willie. He is being retained by us.

Contact us


Dalek.  A mature speckled miniature bred goat.

Dalek. One of our speckled breeding does. She has just had triplets to our smallest buck Nero.


Ninja.  A miniature bred goat .

Ninja is also due to kid in late November 2014. Her mother Nangoat was one of the smallest does in the herd


Don't forget if you are interested in more miniature goats for sale visit .

You may also try the Miniature Goat Breeders of Australia website at

Some of the colourful miniature bred goats from our 2010 drop of kids.

A selection of some of colourful kids.

Please remember Australia unfortunately does not have a pure bred of Miniature or Dwarf or Pygmy Goats.

"Miniature" goats in Australia are made up selected smaller goats from all the normal sized goat breeds in this country. With this very mixed heritage, Australian "miniature" goats cannot be relied on to bred as true as a goat that is of a pure breed.

For that reason, we personally feel offering "papers" and "registration" that imply the little goats are "purebred" is not appropriate.

It would be unusual for our miniature bred female goats to mature over 26 inches, and we try to only bred from does under this height. It is normal for male goats to reach a larger size at maturity than the females.

Pie is one of the matrons in our miniature goat breeding herd.

This is Pie, the mother of one of our speckled bucklings Piezo.

Pie is one of our smallest does, and her bloodlines go back in this herd for over 20 years. There are many generations of small animals in her breeding.

Speckled miniature bred goat Willie.

Willie, one of the other speckled bucks being used here this year. His first kids are the babies playing in the wheel barrow in the top photo.

Ken and Lorraine Gratton
P.O. Box 367
Mudgee NSW  2850
Phone +61 2 6372 6610


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