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Sorry, the Toggenburgs and Saanen X Toggenburg milkers have all been SOLD. 

Miniature purebred Saanen milking goat.

For Sale

Minimilker "Ruse"  Stands 23" at wither.

Purebred unregistered Saanen doe on her second lactation.  She is out of one of our best saanen does, Trigfry Ruthie.  Ruse stands very quietly to milk.  She has a buck kid at foot that will be wethered.

Kidded 9/9/06

Price: $220 SOLD

Toggenburg X Saanen doe kid for sale


Saanen Cross Toggenburg doelings.

Sired by Registered Saanen Buck and out of an unregistered purebred Toggenburg doe.

Pregnant to the registered Saanen buck Trigfry Ruddie.

Price: $165 (GST inc).

Email about any goats for sale.


Because of the drought we do not currently have any milkers or saanen doe kids for sale and probably will not have any this year.

There are a couple of purebred saanen buck kids for sale out of Trigfry Geranium. See below.


Short ear Lamancha style Saanen bred buck kid for sale. Email if you would like more pictures of the kid or his mum. He was born in August, so would have to be bottle fed for a couple of months. Price $90.


Trigfry Geranium

She did a peak production of over 7 kg a day on her first lactation.  She has a good udder. 

Geranium has just kidded and had twin bucks kids. Both buck kids gone.

The buck kids are purebred saanen, but cannot be registered. They will be sold as a purebred commercial saanen bucks, and should be an asset to any commercial dairy herd.

Price $275 each, and you would have to handraise a buck kid if you take one now.

We don't know what Geranium is capable of milking at present, and because of the drought she will not be pushed for production.

Geranium is on her fourth lactation, and as you can see her udder is standing up to the high production remarkably well.

We also have some anglo nubian cross does, for sale.  We did not bred these does, but they are looking for a new home.  Email for more details, or look on the Anglo Nubians for Sale page.

Ken and Lorraine Gratton
P.O. Box 367
Mudgee NSW  2850
Phone +61 2 6372 6610     Fax +61 2 6372 6910


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